Trauma Reduction

The world we live in contains many opportunities for accidents and trauma and when an incident befalls us, this can imprint in our body memory and our minds rather like an energetic ridge which can feel like a suit of armour and can suddenly and unexpectedly re-stimulate all the EMOTIONS, SENSATIONS, FEELINGS, PAINS AND ATTITUDES associated with the forgotten incident.

This can be effective, for example, in overcoming the fear of driving following a car crash.

Birth and early childhood traumas can be overcome using these methods; it is a wonder that children grow up and survive all the falls, knocks and bumps they get some of which have a deep impact in later life if not fully processed.

We can feel perfectly okay until we are suddenly confronted with something that re-triggers a memory and may not even know why standing in a certain places fills us with anxiety or the sound of an aeroplane or somebody shouting can terrify us.

Tina did two courses in incident reduction techniques for both emotional and physical trauma in addition to the Deep Memory Process training with Roger Woolger; she chose not to graduate with one method but followed Impact Regression Therapy with a psychologist in London who does not wish to be contacted or named. This person also holds the trade mark for Space Rehabilitation which is an integral part of recovery of the energetic space we take up in the world. Tina has taught this method to therapists in Turkey, Germany and Portugal with success. She uses it regularly in one to one therapy and it is very easy to learn. Children can do it easily following falls and accidents, often in just minutes.

Trauma memories can paralyse us and incident reduction techniques work on repetition and the going over and over of the event until there is no energy left in it and where the fear has dispelled.

Tina has successfully worked with bombing victims, rape and abuse victims, people with phobias, bicycle accidents, car crash victims and fear of public speaking to name but a few. It is extremely effective also for emotional trauma which impacts upon the memory just as strongly as physical trauma does and can have deep negative consequences to the person. So if an emotional shock isn’t fully processed then another similar experience will hold all the charge of the first incident and it will snowball in terms of pain and discomfort.

Because of the nature of recalling an incident, session time is open ended i.e. when the trauma no longer holds charge, the session is over. This can be anything from half an hour or 2 or 3 hours and is charged pro rata i.e. you pay only for the work that is done.

It is a highly freeing experience and Tina’s own major incident was a serious car crash in 1990 which left imprints in the body memories, particularly the neck which wasn’t healing physically from whiplash. The body memory was blocking the ability to heal and clearing this memory allowed the neck to recover 100%.