"I came to you damaged and at times could only see darkness; your unbelievable support and patience has nursed me to look and find the sunshine, time and time again."  Jody

"Your strength as a healer is truly inspirational."   Jane, Hertfordshire

"All is settled and convivial – thanks you for all your help and support."  Mark, Tewin.

"Thank you for all the love, time, patience, understanding and skill."  Julie, London

"I can’t remember what depression is."  Clair, Hertford

"There has been a sense of freedom since our work and I am finding time for my long forgotten creative hobbies again."   H from London

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I knew there was something going on in the house and now it’s free and our house is clear and happy again."  Rob, London

"I am feeling so much better about my father and coping so much better since we began working together.  I feel so much stronger."  Tania, South London.

"Since I met you I now understand that what is happening around me is a reflection of my inner world so when something occurs which is uncomfortable for me, I look within and ask myself what I can do to change it?  I am the power in my life now. "    Ella, London

"Instead of dealing with the enormous changes happening in my life with fear, I am now facing these with excitement and confidence.  Thank you." Ellen, Kent

"Something wonderful happened as I find that my chest is no longer in pain." Tom, Bedford