Psychology Of Vision And Steps To Leadership Courses

In my relationship, I can choose drama or I can choose creativity

Dr. Chuck Spezzano – If it Hurts, It isn’t Love

At the time of writing Tina is of the opinion that there is no better map of the human mind that Dr. Chuck Spezzano’s Triangle Model from the Psychology of Vision. She does not make this statement lightly and she shares this view with Jeff Allen, the UK’s Master trainer. She came to Psychology of Vision (PofV) in 2000 when life was presenting difficult challenges and opened ‘If it Hurts, It Isn’t Love’ by Dr. Chuck Spezzano a book that had been on the shelf for a while, untouched. From the above quote, Tina chose creativity but it took a while and a lot of work and commitment.

It didn’t take long before Tina was attending workshops around the country and the world. Having done the required number of workshops, Tina was licensed to facilitate the Steps to Leadership courses which is a 30 module experience run over a few months in small groups. The ethos is ‘friends helping friends’. She has attended one and facilitated two to date.

The Triangle model underpins everything she does and she regularly quotes the principles of the Psychology of Vision which is turn was inspired by A Course in Miracles, according to Chuck. Tina works with Chuck’s intuitive card decks regularly which are unfailingly accurate, a fact confirmed by her clients. Read more about the Psychology of Vision on the internet -

Tina and her partner Riccardo Cuminetti still use the book, If it Hurts, It isn’t Love to keep their relationship on track and wholeheartedly recommend it as a workbook for balance and harmony in human interactions.


1. Introduction
2. The Power of Our Mind
3. Communication
4. The Triangle Model
5. Psychology of Emotions
6. Attitude and Direction
7. Iceberg Model
8. Beliefs and Patterns
9. Ego and the Higher Mind

10. One Day Workshop on Process facilitated by Tina-Lee Ure

11. Dependence and Beyond
12. Relationships and Family
13. Stages of Relationships
14. Transference
15. The Power of Letting Go
16. Power Struggle
17. Dead Zone
18. Projection and Forgiveness
19. Accountability

20. Two Day Workshop
21. Partnership
22. Personalities and Leadership
23. Archetypes, Myths, Shadows
24. Happiness, Purpose, Fulfillment
25. Conspiracies and Idols
26. Emotional Evolution
27. Joining
28. Love Grace Miracles

29. Three day Workshop with a Mastery Level Trainer (These are regularly held in London)
30. Graduation and Presentation