Book List - Tina's Favourites – this is but a small selection

If it hurts it isn’t love – Chuck Spezzano
A Course in Miracles
Neale Donald Walsh - Conversations with God – Book 1
Autobiography of a Yogi- Paramanhansa Yogananda
Siddhartha – Herman Hesse

Self Help
John Bradshaw - any of his books – but please see the advice at the start that you need to be in therapy to work through these
Palmer and Cooper: How to Deal with Stress
Wilding, C & Palmer S: Beat low Self Esteem with CBT

Adoption and Loss
The Primal Wound , Nancy Verrier,

Roger Woolger – Healing your Past Lives and Other Lives, Other Selves, The Goddess Within
Irene Hickman – Mind Probe Hypnosis and Spirit Release
The Drama of the Gifted Child – Alice Miller
Soul Retrieval – Sarah Ingerman

Body and Healing
Essential Reiki – Diane Stein
Body Remembers – Babette Rothschild
Bio-Energeteics – Dr. Lowen
Trauma and Recovery: Judith Harman
Dr. Hamer’s articles – see New World Medicine
Any books by Chuck Spezzano/Lency Spezzano
Louise Hay – Heal your Body, Heal your Life

General Interest
The Drama of the Gifted Child – Alice Miller
Monty Roberts – The Man who Listens to Horses and Join-Up
Mark Rashid: Tales from a Ranch Horse
Scott Peck: The Road less Travelleld
The Way of the White Clouds: Lama Anagarika Govinda
Steve Wolfe and Connie Zwieg - Romancing the Shadow
Zero Limits – Joe Vitale
Simple Enlightenment – Ron Urquhart
Seth Worx – website information and books by Jane Roberts